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When Do Sheepadoodle Stop Growing- Complete Information

October 1, 2022
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Sheepadoodle is a mixed breed of designer dog that usually takes 2 years to fully grow up. This cross breed of Poddle & Sheepdog is a lovable & cute pet that is highly popular among dog owners. Sheepadoodle stops growing once they get their full adultness, by the time of approx 1 to 2 years. In other words, we can say, when they reach 2 years old most of the physical evolution gets stopped. With their smooth & lengthy coat, friendly character & brilliance this breed of dog is a prime choice for many dog owners. But most of the time pet owners get confused about their growing information. When does Sheepadoodle stop growing or how big they are? Here in this blog, we have shared complete information about Sheepadoodle growing in their different stage of age.

Sheepadoodle growing factors depend on

The Assessed age at which a Sheepadoodle is said to quit growing is different in all size deviations. And these sizes depend on characteristics such as below:

Parents: As we know Sheepadoodle is a mixed breed of Sheepdog & Poodle dog. This designer dog breed acquires half of its gean from each parent, so it can be contesting to indicate which characteristics a dog will gain from which parents. The size extremely varies depending on the parent breed. We understand that there are three different poodle sizes — Toy, Miniature, and Standard. This is literally responsible for the size deviation in Sheepadoodles, giving us the Toy, Medium, and Standard Sheepadoodle respectively.

Gender: Like all other dogs, the size & growth of Sheepadoodle also depends on its gender type. Where the males are usually taller & weightier as compared to the female, if you accept your Sheepsdoodle from a breeder that shows size assessments for their litter, you can predict a female to descend at the bottom of the size spectrum or a male to drop at the top of the size spectrum.

Generation: In simple words, it directs to the generation of Sheepadoodle, with F1 existing as the direct cross between the Poodle and the Old English Sheepdog, giving us the first generation Sheepadoodle. The F1B is the second generation. The Size of the Sheepadoodle will change how the breeder transits each generation. Sometimes, breeders will breed a second-generation F1B Sheepadoodle with a Poodle to improve low-shedding grades or achieve a shorter dog. Breeders usually mix F1B Toy Sheepadoodle with a Toy Poodle to try to gain a smaller, Micro Mini Sheepdoodle.

Sheepadoodle height & weight based on their type

Sheepadoodle growth also depends on their type, as we previously mentioned based on the crossbreed type of Sheepadoodle they are categorized in different pet categories such as F1 or F1 B Sheepadoodle. Here in the below list find the best information on Sheepadoodle growing based on their type.

Giant Sheepadoodle

The Giant Sheepadoodle is produced through the cross between a big old English Sheepdog & a standard poodle. With their cross, a new big Sheepadoodle is generated & who doesn’t want that extra-big teddy bear? The giant Sheepadoodle is said to be fully grown once it stands about 27 inches tall and weighs about 80 to 100 pounds.

Standard Sheepadoodle

The standard Sheepadoodles are produced through the inheritance between an old English dog & a standard poodle. The standard Sheepadoodle stands about 22 to 27 inches tall & weighs about 60 to 80 pounds upon full adultness.

Miniature Sheepadoodle

Miniature Sheepadoodle produces through the cross between old English Sheepdog & Miniature poodle. This Miniature Sheepadoodles will get about 15 to 22 inches tall & 25 to 60 pounds weighty.

Toy Sheepadoodle

Toy Sheepadoodles are the crossbreed of the old English Sheepdog & the loveable toy poodle. The designer dog breed stands about 15 inches & gets weight up to 10 to 25 pounds.

Micromini Sheepadoodle

There are some breeders who go a stage also to provide us with a Sheepadoodle smaller than the toy size. They do so by inheriting a toy Sheepadoodle with a toy poodle. The Micro Mini Sheepadoodle just stands 4 to 6 inches tall and weighs less than 10 pounds resulting in the smallest and most expensive Sheepadoodle deviation.

When does Sheepadoodle stop grow

Since we understand the distinctions in the deviation of the Sheepadoodle & the aspects impacting their size. It is now easier for us to calculate the proper age at which the Sheepadoodle reaches its full adultness and stops growing. Since their size instantly affects their adultness, all these deviations of Sheepadoodles achieve full growth at various rates. The smaller Sheepadoodle achieves full adultness faster than the bigger dog. In the below table, you get a better understanding of the growth of Sheepadoodle,

Type of SheepadoodleMature periodFull Adultness
Toy Sheepadoodle3.5 to 5 Months9 to 11 Months
Miniature Sheepadoodle3.5 to 5 Months9 to 13 Months
Standard Sheepadoodle5 to 6 Months12 to 18 Months
Giant Sheepadoodle5 to 6 Months12 to 16 Months

Sheepadoodle puppy growth chart

Many breeders suggest weight predictions for the doggies that they do based on the sizes of dogs from past trash from the exact parents. However, if you don’t have a permit to these details, a weight predictions calculator can support it.
It’s easiest to estimate when your Sheepadoodle will be full-mature if you understand what kind of Sheepadoodle you have. However, there are also directions that you can use to estimate a strange kind of Sheepadoodle’s top size if you know its actual age.

Toy Sheepadoodle Weight Prediction

Because Toy Sheepadoodles and Micro Mini Sheepadoodles are so little, they manage to reach half of their grown-up weight about 3.5 to 5 months old. They usually get their total grown-up weight at 7.5 to 11 months. By applying this formula you will get the exact idea of Toy Sheepadoodle’s weight

  • Weight at 15 weeks x 2 = Evaluated grown-up weight

Mini/Medium Sheepadoodle Weight Prediction

Because Miniature Sheeepadoodles are so little, they manage to get half their size at 3.5-5 months and achieve their total grown-up weight at 11-13 months. Calculate the exact weight of Mini/Medium Sheepadoodle by using this formula,

  • Weight at 18 weeks x 2 = Assessed grown-up weight

Standard Sheepadoodle Weight Prediction

Depending on the full size of your Standard Sheepadoodle, it will reach half its full size at 4.5-6 months. You can desire to get the full size by 12.5-16 months. You can easily calculate the weight prediction of standard Sheepadoodle by using the below formula

  • Weight at 23 weeks x 2 = Assessed grown-up weight

Giant Sheepadoodle Weight Prediction

The bigger your Giant Sheepadoodle will be, the belatedly it will get its maturing landmarks. It will be half its absolute size, somewhere between 4.5 and 6 months, and its full size somewhere between 12.5 and 16 months. The approx weight calculation formula mentioned below

  • Weight at 23 to 32 weeks x 2 = Assessed grown-up weight range


The Sheepadoodle designer dog breed is the most loveable dog breed which is available in different sizes & with other growth factors. In this article, we have shared a complete note about various factors of Sheepadoodle growth. Understanding the deviation of the Sheepadoodle you assumed this is really very important to measure their proper height & weight.

If required then you can also note down the necessary detail on the note, where you can easily optimize growth of their health. These basic understanding of dog health & growth understanding give you the better ideas of your pet health. I hope the above information will helpful for all Sheepadoodle owners.

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