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When Do Goldendoodles Go Into Heat- Everything You Need To Know About

July 16, 2022
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As you all know the Goldendoodle is also popular as a Groodle which is basically a mixed breed of Golden Retriever and Poodle. This is a designer hybrid dog enjoying its growing popularity generally found in the Australian region. They are intelligent and fun-loving dogs that seek love and affection from the owner and as well as friendly in nature. They inherited some positive traits from their parents which results in a better companion, especially for a new dog owner. Goldendoodle needs training because you can’t expect too much of their friendly nature with strangers. They have a double coat of fur on their body which works as an insulator. Goldendoodle generally has her season started in their sixth month. Here in this article, we’ll discuss when do Goldendoodles goes into heat.

Goldendoodle Heat Cycle

Generally, for Goldendoodle, there are four stages of the heat cycle. Heat cycles may vary from different Goldendoodle, you can notice the drastic change in their behavior. However, the researcher says that you have to wait for at least three heats so your dog is around 18 to 24 months which is suitable for the pregnancy.


As a dog owner, you have to notice the early sign of your dog going into heat. At this stage, the male dog will attract your female dog however she will not able to receptive at this point in time. The main thing you’ll notice is that your dog’s vulva has become enlarged with some blood discharge. The proestrus stage normally stays for nine days and lasts up to 27 days.


This stage is also known as a fertile stage and is receptive to males. You can notice your dog’s vulva remains to enlarge in this stage with softness but the blood discharge is decreased. The Estrus stage normally stays for nine days and lasts up to 24 days. This is the stage where progesterone levels start to increase which is prone to a potential pregnancy.


In this stage, your dog’s fertile parts of the heat cycle will end and they can’t be able to receive from males. At this time estrogen level is low and progesterone is high. This stage last stays around 60 days whether your dog is pregnant or not.


This is a stage when your dog is behave normally as well as their body also returns to normal. This stage stays for around four-month. During this period their body pre[pare themselves for the next possible pregnancy.

How do you know your Goldendoodle is in heat?

There are various symptoms that indicate Goldendoodle is on heat period. Here in the below list, we have shared a few common factors of Goldendoodle heat.

Swollen Vulva

The first thing you should notice is that their vulva turns red and you find the increase in their size 2 to 3 times as compared to normal days. So if you will notice all these things then don’t get stressed it is a natural cycle and returns to its normal size after the heat is over.

Bleeding Vulva

You’ll notice that your dog’s vulva is bleeding but the amount and the color may vary to stages of the heat cycle. So, always remember and track when your dog is bleeding so you will know the next bleeding cycle.

Urinate often

Dogs generally urinate to mark their territory but in the case of the female dogs, they urinate often to attract the male dogs to let them know she is ready to receptive.

Behavior Changes

Usually, you find the Goldendoodle is not such type of dog who barks aggressively and loses control. Unlike they are fun-loving and have very patience in nature but at the time of the heat cycle they get a little bit short-tempered.

Licks her Genitals

If you noticed that your dog is licking their genitals more often then you can assume that your dog is in their heat cycle. Generally, this is a dog’s nature to clean itself by licking. So if you want to avoid this situation then put on a heat diaper.

Unusual Mounting Habits

In the heat cycle, your Goldendoodle has some changes in its behavior because of its hormonal changes. You may find them mounting from your legs to furniture.

Nervous and anxious behavior

During their heat cycle, you can notice their behavioral changes. They are looking as nervous and anxious on their face. So because of their anxiety, they are aggressive in nature in their heat cycle. In this phase, it is recommended that you leave them alone and if any other pet is around in the house then keep them away from their reach.

Attracts the Male Dogs

This is not a wonder if you find that your female Goldendoodle will find to attract the male dog for mating. In this phase, your dog emits pheromones to try every possible condition to attract male dogs.

Change in Appetite

If you notice some changes in their appetite then you can assume this may be due to the heat cycle. There is a possibility that they will eat less in comparison to normal days. So don’t get stressed about this concern, this is very normal.

Feeling Discomfort while Touching Her

If your Goldendoodle is in its heat cycle then you will notice its discomforts. Whenever you touch her they showed their discomfort by moving their tail to another side. They try to give you a sign that they are not in a comfort zone so let them alone.


Knowing the breed of your dog is always essential to knowing how to care for her. You now have all the knowledge you require on the heat cycles of your Goldendoodle. So always care for them and notice the signals to know when your Goldendoodle goes into heat so that they feel comfortable while facing these situations.

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