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Which Is A Better Dog Wheaten Or Golden Doodle? Best Comparision

July 5, 2022
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If you are crazy about pets, especially a dog lover, and think about getting a dog in your house then it will be a smart step. Generally, it is found in much research work that dogs create a positive impact on the life of the owner. They promote an active lifestyle as well as great companionship because dogs are known for their loyalty. Nowadays in the USA most of the older age people who are living a neutral life need to get a companion then dogs would be a choice. They help in stress-free life and avoid anxiety. So now the question arises in your mind which dog would I prefer?. Also, they want to get a better understanding of Wheaten dog v/s Golden Doodle. Because there is a variety of dogs with different breeds available. Some are looking like giants and some have small physiques and look cutely.

Here we recommend two breeds that would be possibly a great companion. The first one is Wheaten and the second is Golden Doodle they are the most lovable dogs known for their intelligence as well as loyalty. So to get a better understanding & comparison between Wheaten dog v/s Golden Doodle.

Wheaten Terrier dog

Wheaten dog breed is basically originates from Ireland and known for its fun-loving as well as friendly to all. They are generally wheatish in color and medium in size. These dogs wear a soft silky warm coats naturally on their body. Their height is around 17 to 19 inches at the shoulder with 30 to 40 pounds weight. Their life span is around 12 to 15 years so it means you will get a companion for 15 long years. The best part of this breed is they are highly people-oriented as well as love kids. So, you can go for this breed if you tend to get a dog.

Golden Doodle dog

Golden Doodle dog originates from Australia and the United States and is known as Groodle. This breed is basically a cross-breed of Golden Retriever and Poodle. This breed is best for first-time dog owners. Their sense of intelligence and friendly nature with great loyalty make them the first choice for the apartment dwellers. Golden Doodle has basically a medium physique with a height of 17 to 21 inches with a weight of 50 to 90 pounds which makes a suitable as a pet companion for apartment dwellers. They can spend 10 to 15 years of togetherness with joy and positive energy.

Which Breed Should I Go For?

This is the most important question that arises in the mind of the people they should go for which breed and which breed would be our great companions. This is very confusing, especially for the first time who is going to be a dog owner. Generally, both breed is fun-loving and people-oriented but we discuss here some traits so that you can decide on that basis.

Wheaten dog V/S Golden Doodle- Comperrison & appearance

Proper knowledge & understanding between Wheaten dog & Golden Doodle offering you to select the best & reliable breed of dog. Here in the below list, we have shared the best comparison between Wheaten & Golden doodles.

Health compression between Wheaten & Golden Doodle

Wheaten: Generally, Wheaten is a healthy dog with a well-muscled dog. If you give proper care and nourishment then they can live a long long life. This dog has some ailment known as protein-losing enteropathy in which the dog isn’t able to absorb or digest protein. Watch out for inflammatory bowel disease as well. This illness develops when the dog’s stomach has a high concentration of inflammatory cells that can alter the lining of the digestive tract and stop food from being absorbed normally.

Golden Doodle: This dog is also a healthy dog but it tends to have a disease like hip dysplasia where hip joints don’t develop normally with an inheritable eye disorder. This breed has faced some common diseases like skin itching battel terribly with red skin that made them mad.

Caring compression between Wheaten & Golden Doodle

Wheaten: This breed is needed more care because of its silky coat. You have to clip their hair which hangs around the eyes and brush your dog twice a week as well. Trim their nails frequently and check inside their ears if there is some redness then it alarmed about infection.

Golden doodle: At certain this breed needs less caring, you can just give them love and affection and feed them fresh food and a bowl of water. They need to brush up their teeth 3 times a week. They need to brush up to remove their hair from the body.

Training compression between Wheaten & Golden Doodle

Wheaten: This dog needs training because they are basically stubborn so they need to socialize which makes them well-mannered and obedient.

Golden Doodle: They are easy to train as they are not stubborn. You can train them patiently.

Physical Activity compression between Wheaten & Golden Doodle

Wheaten: If you want to make your dog fit, calm, and happy then you have to provide physical activity on a daily basis for at least 30 minutes.

Golden Doodle: This dog has a higher level of energy that needs a lot of exercise to keep them calm. If you have a facility to give them swimming arrangements ball and rope game then it is very good for them.

Guarding Behaviour compression between Wheaten & Golden Doodle

Guarding behavior is the most important for some owners as they prefer guarding nature to feel secure. But in the case of both breeds, they are super friendly with strangers they need proper training to avoid these situations.

Diet compression between Wheaten & Golden Doodle

Wheaten: Wheaten breeds need just a normal diet every day, divide 1.5 to 2 cups of premium dry food into two or three meals. Basically, they prefer food made with whole wheat grains.

Golden Doodle: Golden Doodle needs a high-quality protein source that supports your dog’s development and growth. They need high-quality food on daily basis in two meals.

Weather and Climate Tolerance compression between Wheaten & Golden Doodle

Wheaten: For wheaten dogs, generally prefer the average to warm weather conditions as they have a soft silky warm coat naturally so they could not resist the hot weather.

Golden Doodle: These are the dogs having a double coat of fur that help to make them insulate and keep their body temperature according to the weather.


The dog lover who wants to get an option of choosing wheaten and the Golden Doodle, especially the first-time owner can choose on the basis of the given overall temperament and behavior with overall health issues in this article. Basically, both the breeds are people-oriented and friendly in behavior and also same average size which helps to fit in the house of the apartment dwellers. This blog contains the complete information & the Comparision between Wheaten dog V/s Golden Doodle, hope the above information will help to select the best breeds of dog.

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