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Lotadoodle Farms, Aussiedoodles are family dogs as well as emotional support dogs, office dogs, and working farm dogs.  Charlie’s neutering appointment was canceled, and it did not seem like the girls were in heat….. Well 5 months later we have 2 litters of Aussiedoodle puppies, 20 puppies in all.

Bella and Stella are litter sisters from Green Acres Doodles, a breeder who is now closed.  These girls are F1b Aussiedoodles.  Their Mom was a black and white wavy F1 Aussiedoodle and Dad was a white and silver Standard Poodle.  Both Bella and Stella are black and white.  Bella has curly fur, and Stella has wavy fur.

Charlie is a F1 Aussiedoodle with a short tail and green eyes.  There is very little information about Charlies past except, that his Mom was an Aussie and Dad was a Standard Poodle, and he was born sometime in May of 2022.  However as a young, less then a year, Aussiedoodle he is extremely calm, gentle, and prefers to be with me then the other dogs.

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