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Sheepadoodles Grooming Guide- All You Need To Know

September 28, 2022
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Sheepadoodle designer dog breed is the most loveable, fluffy & cuddly crossbreed dog. These breeds of dogs produce through the cross between Sheepdog & Poodle. This designer dog is the first breed experiment for use as a spy dog or military dog in the army in the 1960s, but gained popularity in 2007 because of its charm, super-friendly nature, teddy-like appearance, and non-shedding coat. But do you know what makes them cute & charming, yes it’s possible only through regular grooming? If you are also interested to learn about the grooming of your designer dog, this Sheepadoodle grooming guide will help you a lot more.

Sheepadoodles’ personality depends on their parents. The first Old English Sheepdog is a loving, protective, intelligent, and watchful dog with a great personality who bonds closely with its owners or families. They enjoy being involved in all activities of training or workout and also play with kids with their full energy.

The Poodle is a friendly, affectionate, and lively dog who is both amazing, and intelligent. They love to be included in all family members tracking and can be good watchdogs, giving alerts about strangers but never being aggressive. The Standard Poodle is good in training you can easily and early start their classes.

While the personality of Sheepadoodle can be a very wide cause of their parent’s personality. His parent’s breed qualities make this dog breed more friendly, productive, and protective. You can also make them more attractive & charming by following their grooming instruction. Let’s get detailed information about the Sheepadoodle coat pattern & grooming instructions.

Which type of coat does Sheepadoodle have?

Before grooming designer dogs, the very first thing you need to understand is which type of hair coat they have. Due to their crossbreed reformation, the Sheepadoodle coat either looks like an English Sheepdog or a Poodle. In many cases, Sheepadoodle hair coat also mixup of their parent breed. So this is very important to understand their hair coat type because you are dealing with different types of coats. Detailed information about the Sheepadoodle coat is mentioned below,

Old English Sheepdog type coat

This breed has a plentiful coat that is neither curly nor straight. That dog has a double coat, with a soft undercoat and a textured outer coat. Colors include grizzle gray, gray, fawn, blue merle or blue, and brown, generally mixed with white markings. This type of hair coat of Sheepadoode is difficult to maintain, if you want a grooming challenge then try the old English Sheepdog. You will spend a minimum of three to four hours a week grooming your pet. To groom your pet at home you will need to help to learn about brushing & combing.

Poodle type coat

Poodle is mostly known for its cotton candy hair. This breed has curly and very dense hair. The advantage of a poodle coat is the lack of shedding and is considered hypoallergenic. This makes a poodle a good pet choice for anyone who is allergic to dogs and this dog only has a single coat. These dogs can come in many varieties of hair types like a curly coat, wool coat, corded coat, Improper coat, and puppy coat.

Mixed type coat

The result of crossbreed, mixed coats is very common for Sheepadoodle. This type of coat combines the sheepdog type coat and the poodle type coat and that combination Creates a fleece, wavy, and flat coat. Most of this variety is non-shedding or doesn’t shed at all and that means no needing to brush & comb. You should brush the coat of your pet two to three times a week. This will prevent him from disease and getting matted, remove dirt and dust and keep him charming.

Importance of designer dog grooming

Nowadays, everyone loves dogs and wants to become an owner of an attractive or charming dog. But due to the improper knowledge of dog grooming, they didn’t find out its importance. Here in the below list, we mentioned a few facts about the grooming of your pet.

  • It will give a better smell and prevents matting.
  • Grooming makes your pet more fascinating.
  • It reduces the chances of ear infections.
  • Grooming plays a major part in maintaining the self-confidence of dogs.
  • The healthier and shinier coat that shed less.
  • Helps you to determine any health or skin-associated issues of dogs.

Grooming routine of Sheepadoodle dog

We have to make the proper schedule for grooming your pet and it will help you to manage your time. Here we have explained the most important factors of Sheepadoodle dog grooming ideas.

  • Daily- If you are a dog owner, this is very important to take 20 to 30 minutes in your daily schedule for your dog. In the daily grooming of Sheepadoodle combing & brushing is equally important. Also, if you get any type of smell use waterless shampoo if a dog shower is not required.
  • Weekly- In every week you have to give extra attention & time to the grooming of your pet. At least 40 to 50 minutes for proper brushing & demating all over with various tools. It will give relaxation and freshness to your pet.
  • Monthly- On a day of every month, you need to give more time for the grooming of your pet. The monthly grooming session of Sheepadoodle takes more than an hour. The grooming of dogs includes brushing, de-matting, nails & bath, the overall process gives your dog a huge refreshment.

How to groom Sheepadoodle at home

Basic grooming tips for Sheepadoodle are mentioned in the below table.

  • Some pets don’t like going outside or to the groomer, and it causes much stress and anxiety for them.
  • Others think might want more control over what their dog looks like after a groom.
  • Some owners might want to save extra money.

Whatever the reason is for grooming your pet yourself, we are going to be showing you all the tips. We use it for our Sheepadoodle grooming so you can begin grooming at home. In starting find a good local groomer who can also teach you things about grooming. After learning the factors, start grooming at home according to the below tips.

Brush before bathing

Brushing saves time in bathing & removes debris from the coat and any loose fur. Make sure that any mats or tangles are brushed out because these will be more difficult to detangle when the fur will wet.  So, don’t wet their fur while brushing and begin brushing from head to tail. Make sure to brush your pups’ underarms, chest, belly, and behind the ears.

Wet Sheepadoodle body before shampoo

First, you get your pet’s entire body wet, and after wet, the whole body applies a standard dog shampoo. This technique will create more foam and make your pet’s bathing easy and fast. From this technique, shampoo foam can reach into the undercoat easily. This idea saves you time. Sheepadoodle like bathing by nature, so your dog will enjoy bathing too much.

If you do not wet their fur before applying standard shampoo and apply it directly, then it will damage the fur of your Sheepadoodle. This process will make the bathing boring, and take too much time.

Use the right grooming tool

In Grooming, the bathing session is very important. Bathe your puppy once a month because it takes a long time & this is also a difficult task for pet owners. Here we are giving the list of right tools for the bath. With these tools, you can make the bathing process fast and easy in a short duration.

  • Comb
  • Brush
  • Soft Towel
  • Dog Toothpaste
  • Animal Nail Clippers
  • Standard Conditioner
  • Standard Shampoo
  • Dog Toothbrush
  • Electric Clippers

Choose a safe place for bathing tub

For the grooming process, the place is very important for Sheepadoodle. The incorrect place for bathing or grooming makes that process difficult and takes a long time. For this reason, we recommended a bathtub. Keep your pet in the bathtub across the entire grooming process. Sheepadoodle loves and enjoys taking baths in the tub.

Sometimes It happens, that the dog runs while hair-trimming. So, trimming in the bathroom can prove wrong decision and there is a high risk of getting hurt. So, the bathtub is a very better option for your pet. Place your pup’s bathtub in a safe place and then continue Sheepadoodle grooming.

Use standard products

Low-quality products like shampoo, conditioner, etc can be harmful to your pet. Due to their low quality, the Sheepadoodle grooming process has become difficult. It will hurt their body parts and cause infections.

Assume you use a low-quality brush, then this brush damages your pet’s coat, or low-brand shampoo creates rashes and some allergic reactions on your pup’s skin.

If this happens, then It will give a lot of pain and difficulties to the pet &  you have to go to the vet. It will waste your money and your time too much. On the other, If you use standard grooming products, it will be safe for your dog and save your time & money.

Clean eyes & ears properly

The eyes and ears are very sensitive and allergy-prone areas of Sheepadoodles. So, they need regular eyes and ear cleansing. Ear cleaning reduces the risk of ear disease or infections. For cleaning the ear canal, some owners add wet tissue paper or wet cotton cloth. This process will not clean your pet’s ears properly and will take too much time.

We suggest buying a standard dog ear cleaner. Add a few drops of cleaner to the dog’s ears, then take a cotton ball. Focusing on the base of the ear, removing debris and dirt.

After taking the advice of your veterinarian, use eye drops as directed to the eyes which is safe for your dog. This is a good and safe idea to save time on Sheepadoodle grooming.

Clip nails before hurt themselves

Nail clipping is an important factor in the Grooming of your Sheepadoodle. Because long toenails can hurt your pet’s paws and you during exercise, walking, and playing. The blade is not a good idea for nail cutting for any pet and sometimes hurts your dog’s paw and wastes a lot of time. still, some owners use blades to cut the nail of pets.

Standard nail clippers are the best tool for cutting the nails of your dog and many options are available in the market of nail clippers. Don’t cut their nails in hurry, give them enough time and hold their paws calmly in your hand then cut their nails carefully.  In the case of any injury, after the nail cutting process applies the synthetic powder to a specific place. By using this tool or a nail-clipper, you will be able to save time.

Brush their teeth clean with fingers toothbrush

Make sure to use standard dog toothpaste because oral health is very important for any pet or human being. The finger toothbrush works speedily compared to a normal brush. There are many varieties available of soft-designed finger toothbrushes.

Wear a brush on your finger and a brush on your tooth. Where the gum touches the tooth surface needs more focus.

Hair cut ideas for Sheepadoodle

There are many ideas for hair cuts according to their coats which makes your Sheepadoodle more charming and fascinating.

  • Teddy Bear/Puppy Cut
  • Summer Cut
  • Mohawk
  • Lion Cut
  • Lamb Cut
  • Shaved Cut
  • Poodle Cut
  • Kennel Cut


Grooming of pets is the best idea to make them healthy & shiner. The regular grooming of Sheepadoodle also increases their self-life by protecting them against health diseases or allergies. The grooming process of dogs also enhances the bond between pet & pet owner. Sheepadoodle needs regular attention & care which makes them happy & active. Along with it, you also need to choose the right tools & accessories. Here in this Sheepadoodle grooming guide, we have shared the best grooming ideas for Sheepadoodle. I hope the above information will help you regarding the best care for your pet.

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