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Sheepadoodle Size Guide (Micro, Mini & Standard)- Complete Information

September 12, 2022
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Sheepadoodles are cute, fluffy, and playful hybrid dogs that cross between Old English Sheepdog and a Poodle dog breed. People also called them Sheepapoo or Sheepdoodle. Just like parents, they are also extremely loving and playful with family members, especially with kids. Sheepadoodle is an excellent pet for families and children. They are found in different sizes and colors so here in this post, we give you complete information on the Sheepadoodle size guide which gives you variation to choose Sheepadoodle as your pet.

Sheepadoodle Size Guide

Sheepadoodles come in a variety of sizes depending on which size of Poodle dog (Standard, Miniature, and Toy) breed cross with Old English Sheepdog. Poodle dogs play the main role in Sheepadoodle breeds of different sizes. Most commonly three types of Sheepadoodles sizes recognized are Micro, Mini & Standard size.

We are going to provide information on the Sheepadoodle Size Guide for each of the three varieties—Micro, Mini, and Standard Sheepadoodle in the next section.

Types Of Sheepadoodle Sizes- ( Micro, Mini & Standard )

There are basically three different sizes for Sheepadoodles, and we’ll tell you more about each one in detail below.

Micro Sheepadoodle

  • Micro Sheepadoodle is a result of a cross between the Old English Sheepdog and Toy Poodle. They are the smallest version in the Sheepapoo breed. 
  • Micro Sheepapoo is smart, friendly, active, sociable, obedient, and easy to train. They are very playful and happy around children. Also, they are great companions for outside adventure.
  • Their height stands around 15 inches or less which is a small size for the sheep doodle breed.
  • They can weigh around 10 to 25 pounds which is equal to 4.5kg to 11.3kg. Their weight usually depends on their parent’s size and physical health.
  • Life expectancy for Micro Sheepadoodle is 12 to 16 years, as well as they, have long lifespans in comparison to other sizes of Sheepapoo.
  • Their cost is around $2500 to $5000 which is quite expensive. They are expensive in comparison to other sizes of Sheepdoodle because of their small sizes.

Mini Sheepadoodle

  • Mini Sheepadoodle is cross-breeding between Miniature Poodle and Old English Sheepdog. This is the middle-sized of the Sheepapoo breed.
  • They are excellent pets for growing families, especially for children. They are very calm and gentle but also have playful nature. They are agreeable and obedient dogs so they are easy to train.
  • Mini Sheepadoodle is a medium-sized dog between micro and standard size Sheepadoodle whose height is around 15 to 22 inches. Their average size is 17.5 inches.
  • They weigh around 30 and 55 pounds which is between 13.6 kg to 24.9 kg. Some are heavy and have more weight than this range. 32.5 pounds is the average weight of a Miniature Sheepapoo.
  • Mini Sheepadoodle life expectancy is around 12 to 16 years which is close to micro sheep doodle.
  • The cost of a Mini Sheepadoodle is around $2500 to $5000 which is a quite similar price to a Micro Sheepadoodle.

Standard Sheepadoodle

  • Standard Sheepadoodle is the largest size of this breed resulting in the cross-breeding between a Standard Poodle and an Old English Sheepdog.
  • Just like every other sized Sheepadoodle, they have energetic, playful, and gentle temperaments which makes them fantastic family dogs. In addition, they are agreeable and easy to train.
  • They can be taller around 22 to 27 inches which is quite larger than the mini and micro size Sheepadoodle breed.
  • A Standard Sheepadoodle weighs around 60 to 85 pounds which can be around 24.9 to 38.5 kg. They are heavier than mini Sheepapoo weighs and also heavier sized in this breed.
  • The lifespan of the Standard Sheepadoodle is around 12 to 15 years which is shorter than the mini and micro Sheepdoodle. A healthy lifestyle can increase their life expectancy by some years.
  • The Standard Sheepadoodle size is cheaper than the mini and micro Sheepapoo. Their price is around $2000 to $4000.

Let’s compare Micro, Mini and Standard sized Sheepadoodle through a chart that makes it easier to understand how much different they are from each other.

Micro, Mini & Standard Sheepadoodle Size Guide

Sheepadoodle is a cross breed of an Old English Sheepdog and a different-sized Poodle. They are great breed dogs to choose as a pet, especially for families and children. are very gentle and playful with children. They come in different sizes and colors which gives you different varieties in this breed.

In the below chart you know about the difference between Micro, Mini & Standard sized Sheepdoodle. It will help you to know which size will comfortably prosper in your home. How much food do they need to consume daily basis? And most important which sized dog in this breed do you take care of properly?

Micro/Toy SheepadoodleMini/Medium SheepadoodleStandard Sheepadoodle
Size15 or fewer inches15 to 22 inches22 to 27 inches
Weight10 to 25 pounds30 and 55 pounds60 to 85 pounds
TraitsPlayful, active, friendly, easy to train, ObedientPlayful, active, friendly, easy to train, ObedientPlayful, active, friendly, easy to train, Obedient
Full-grown age7.5 to 11 months11 to 13 months12.5 to 16 months
Cost$2500 to $5000$2500 to $5000$2000 to $4000


Sheepadoodle is a hybrid designer dog breed that produces through the cross between Sheepdog and Poodle breed. These hybrid dogs have lots of furs which make them cute and affectionate. Sheepadoodle is mostly hypoallergenic because of their poodle parent. They have temperaments similar to their parents like they are energetic, friendly, sociable, gentle, and obedient. That is the reason Sheepadoodle is a fantastic and excellent family dog. They are very playful around children and also they are great companions on trips and adventures.

Poodle parent is the main factor that Sheepdoodle have variations in sizes, colors, and even appearance. They mainly have three sizes which are Toy, Mini, and Standard.

These three sizes of Sheepadoodle have different heights, weights, and life expectancies. It provides any dog lover a reason to choose Sheepadoodle as a pet. Before making a pet to Sheepadoodles breed you need to know about them.

In this blog, we try to cover Micro, Mini & Standard sized Sheepadoodle. We hope it gives you quick information about Sheepadoodle’s different sizes.

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