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F2b Aussiedoodle, Boy


Navy has beautiful blue eyes and has curly hair just like his dad.  He is a lovebug and likes to sit on my lap
and fallows me around both the house and the yard.  He is not always one of the pups out playing he is calm and likes to play, but he does not play as hard as the others.  Navy is the smallest of the litter and has a standard size tail.

All Lotadoodle
F2b aussiedoodle puppies have been raised in the living room with other
  Each puppy has been handled
everyday and love to cuddle and spend time with either myself or my parents.
  We have 2 litters that were born 3 days
  Bella has 10 puppies which will
be on the larger size and they are at my parents’ house.
  Stella, Bella litter mate also had 10 puppies
3 days later at my house and they are all about half the size of Bella’s
 ALL puppies have been wormed 2,
3, and 4 weeks, and will have had their 1
st round of shots when they
turn 6 weeks.

Bella is
between 55-65 pounds with a thick lose curl and likes to take care of her dad,
a disabled vet who is often on a scooter. 
Her pups are learning to stay out of under feet, and to be carful around
the scooter.  Bella also enjoys going to
work with us to visit all her friends. 
She walks up to either strangers or people she has met before sits in
front of them for attention and then goes back to mom’s office.  Bella has ALWAYS walked genital on the leash as
both of her parents have problems walking and she seems to understand

Stella is
between 45-55 pounds with a thin coat and very little undercoat.  Stella lives with me on the farm and is a lot
more aloof, she likes her space.  When
she wants attention she comes to get it, other then that she is chilling
somewhere in the house.  She is NOT a Velcro
dog, and some of her pups have inherited this trait.  Stella goes to work as well but is the total
opposite of Bella, she sleeps in the middle of the lobby and does not care what
is going on, but she does enjoy going. 
Stella also instinctively knows to walk genital on the leash.      

Charlie is
the sire and is between 70-85 pounds, with tight wool like curls, and green
eyes.  Charlie is just a year old and is
a BIG genital teddy bear, who is a typical doodle who is a Velcro dog, LOVES to
give hugs, and never met a stranger in his life.  For being so young we have not had the destructive
behavior you read about, no piles of cloths outside, stays out of the trash,
has not chewed furniture, BUT he also has a pile of toys to play with and they
do go outside the doggie door.
Charlie has
been to work a few times, but by being young that is a long day to be calm, as
he spends the day laying in the office with me.

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