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Micro Mini Sheepadoodle Breed Information- 17 Common Facts You Need To Know About

September 12, 2022
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Micro Mini Sheepadoodle can be the perfect choice for you if you love smaller sizes dogs. You can bring or buy this dog easily which is not too much expensive. Don’t stress the grooming maintenance it also doesn’t take too much money. Grooming can be done at home easily. This Mini Sheepadoodle loves to play with the kids, and this dog’s behavior is also good with family members and strangers.

Micro Mini Sheepadoodle

Everyone knows that Sheepadoodle is the most amazing, intelligent & lovely designer dog breed. Also, this crossbreed has one unique personality of its lovely appearance and has several qualities of caring, loving, and amazing. In addition, smaller and lightweight compared to other pets. This breed can combat Goldendoodle, Labradoodle, and other designer dogs.

The Mini Sheepadoodle is also known as Miniature Sheepadoodle or Micro Sheepadoodle. We are explaining here the most common factors about pets that you have to know about them if you want to bring a pet for you.

1. Parents

Micro Mini Sheepadoodle is a cross breed of Old English Sheepdog & Toy poodle or miniature poodle. The Old English Sheepdog is an athletic, large dog breed with a thick nonshedding coat that drives cattle and sheep to help farmers. The most appearance of Micro Sheepadoodle goes on the Sheepdog because of 75% poodle & 25% doodle, producing more of poodle gene.

2. Types of Mini Micro Sheepadoodle

These attractive & adorable Teddy-like pups come in four different types. Here in the below list get more information about the types of mini micro Sheepadoodle.

F1 Sheepadoodle

This generation is also called the first generation of Sheepadoodle. This designer dog breed is a mixture of 50% Poodle and 50% Sheepdog and this is the healthiest combination of the two-parent breed.

F2 Sheepadoodle

When two F1s met as a result we got an F2 Sheepadoodle. This breed is generally more expensive than other breeds.

Mini Sheepadoodle

This breed is a mixture of a miniature poodle and an Old English Sheepdog. Looks very amazing, Quite small and lightweight.

F1b Sheepadoodle

When the Old English Sheepdog breed mix with F1 Sheepdoodle, we get F1b Sheepadoodle.

3. Training

Micro Mini Sheepdoodle is very intelligent and easy to train and communicate with. You can train them very early and their energy level is very high. Because of the energy level that dogs need proper training and mental stimulation. You can’t train them as a watchdog because they are not good at security. This is very important to socialize that dogs when they are in the stage of puppy.

4. Temperament

Micro Mini Sheepdoodle is excellent for families, kids, strangers, and other pets. Very similar to their parent breed. They Can be sensitive & energetic and much loving and has a very friendly nature. Because of its quality, this is the best pet for any family.

5. Size

Micro Sheepadoodle has not in a great size range. Their weight depends on their parent breed still an average weight of that breed is 20- 40 pounds.

6. Height

As the name reflects, Mini Sheepadoodles are very small. The average height of that breed is 14 – 19 inches. That dog is a perfect match for those owners who love to travel with attractive and light weighted pets.

7. Shedding

Micro Sheepadoodle is a non-shedding so daily combing and brushing are necessary. That pet is recommended for those who have an allergy due to the pet’s curly coat and shedding. Keep your micro mini pet shaved down.

8. Health

Mini Sheepadoodle is a very healthy dog and it has not any own diseases. That dog’s health depends on its parent breed, An Old English Sheepdog, and a Toy poodle. The most common diseases in these dogs are dog bloating, joint swelling, Dog Cushing’s and seizures, sensitive stomach/allergies, and pain. We can improve their health by a regular visit to the vet’s office.

9. Exercise

Mini Sheepadoodle loves to play, run and jump with kids and families. Due to the energy level of that dog, It needs sufficient workouts daily which keep your pet happy and healthy. You can keep your pet for a long walk. You should socialize with that pet as soon as possible. This breed needs at least 30 minutes of walking per day in addition to other exercise swimming.

10. Looks

A Sheepadoodle has a more curly coat appearance and produces a wider variety of colors. Black and white are the most favorable colors for the owners. The common colors are solid chocolate, cream, a white phantom, white, black, and blue merle with blue striking eyes. And the rare colors are silver or gray and tricolors. The face shape of this pet may be round and square. The eyes of this dog are small and the ears of this dog are low hanging. The coat shape of a Micro Sheepadoodle can be curly or straight and the eyes of this dog are covered with the coat.

11. Grooming

The coat of this pet needs daily cleaning and brushing and two times bath a week. Proper grooming is very essential for this pet. You can go for a professional groomer for the grooming of the pet after four to six weeks. They will not stay beautiful if you don’t clean them properly. Lack of cleaning causes infections and diseases.

12. Cost

Mini Sheepadoodle is very expensive like all other designer dogs. The price of this dog can be different depending on the colors of the coat, the health of this dog, and some more factors. Research properly before buying a Mini Sheepadoodle about the pet and parent breed. The average cost can be between $1000 to $3000.

13. Food

The food of this dog should be divided two to three times a day into small amounts. This pet needs high-protein food like kibbles and good carbs. Wet food is not a good option that causes weight problems for that pet. Due to over food this pet can be bored and lazy so you should give them food according to the vet or advisor.

14. House or Apartment Dogs?

This pet can be comfortably adjusted anywhere because of its small size. Result of their lightweight, you can easily travel with them to places where you want. That pet is good for both the house and the apartment.

15. Rescuing Or Buying

There are many pets without homes that need an owner so rescuing is the better option. You will save a lot of money and give a home to needy pets. Sadly, there are no Sheepadoodle rescue centers across the USA, but you can still find some OES organizations like The Old English Sheepdog Club of America, the New England Old English Sheepdog Rescue, and South East Network of the Old English Sheepdog.

16. Organization

Micro Sheepadoodle is a designer dog still not registered in the  AKC, cause of its crossbreed. AKC ( American Kennel Club), only allows purebred dogs to be registered with their association. Still, some other organization allows designer dogs to be registered like The DRA (Dog Registry of America), The IDRC (International Designer Canine Registry), and The ACHC (American Canine Hybrid Club).

17. Lifespan

This is a new breed therefore we have no lot of information about the life span of the Micro Sheepadoodle. But designer dogs have a longer lifespan than their parents. So, we can expect their parent its a lifespan of about12 to15 years.


Mini Sheepadoodle is the best choice for first-time pet owners. This breed is very attractive, lovable, and the perfect pet for any house or apartment. This dog love cuddling and the attention of the owner. Due to his high level of energy, he needs regular workouts, you can take him outside for a long walk he will prove a perfect partner.

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