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American Doodle registry gives you the opportunity to register your litter (group of puppies) individually with unique identification & certification. Our offering litter registration prices are more affordable & we use this amount for the future development of litter. In simple words, a small amount of contribution will save the future of puppies as well as help in breeding & many more. Online litter registration form to register litter & prevent them from being lost or stolen. ADR provides litter registration online at a minimal cost.

So doesn’t matter whether you are a breeder or an owner register your litter with American Doodle registration to enjoy various benefits of our services. When you fill out the litter registration application with proper fees, the ADR will mail you a litter kit that contains an individual registration form for each puppy with a form for record-keeping. The owner must check & examine the litter kit before issuing it to puppy buyers.

The litter registration lookup with ADR is fully committed to giving our clients the best possible service with a new update & client-oriented policy. Our online registration for litter is available all the time so the customer will easily check the litter registration lookup based on time & availability.

How to register the litter with ADR- Litter registration lookup

By filling out the litter registration form with the required information you can register your puppies in easy steps with ADR. Furthermore, information read this information very carefully,

To register a litter under the age of 4 months from the date of birth, the early birth fee will apply & after this duration, you have to pay the regular fee. 

What information do you need to provide during the litter registration:

  • Enter correct & detailed information about a liter.
  • Owner detail, address, Citizenship & other.
  • Credit card detail to make a secure payment.

During the online litter registration system, you will get the confirmation mail on your registered mail id. You will also manage the online litter registration form. But to use our online system, you have to register the litter with ADR. You have to provide separate information for male & female puppies & manage all data according to that information.

ADR maintains a huge amount of data to preserve & future breeding of litter. We are an open platform to register litter information & data with the feature of easy addition, view, edit & many more. Also, the litter registry enables storing ancestral records for as many generations into the past as users are willing to enter data. It also includes the ability to store both health and work performance information on individual puppies. These health and work performance measurements are known as phenotypes.

Fill your litter registration application with ADR

Register litter with ADR & enjoy the most beneficial feature & service of litter registration lookup. We provide a complete registration certificate that shows three generations of litter. All male & female puppies are categorized separately & get separate information as well as registration. The litter registration with ADR helped in the development of puppies for future generations. The additional features of litter registration or proper documentation help if your puppies are ever lost or stolen. Based on the owner’s request we also provide a tracking chip for the puppy which helps a lot during the search for a lost puppy. We understand your attachment & sentiment to your pet & because of this, we try to give you the best service in all manner.

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