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How Often Do Labradoodles Need To Be Groomed- Labradoodle Grooming Guide

August 30, 2022
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Labradoodle is one of the most loving & prior pets for most dog owners. Their loving & charming appearance makes them the best dog with great personalities. Labradoodles have beautiful low shedding coated hairs which are flowing down & look so much cuter, they also need hair regular grooming to maintain their look. They have very well fluffy, curly & coated hairs so it’s important to manage them regularly. But the question is how often Labradoodle needs to be groomed. Here in this Labradoodle grooming guide, we will discuss all major points to grooming Labradoodle in the best way. Also, we share Labradoodle hair types & managing tips.

Which types of coats does Labradoodle have?

Labradoodles are popular due to their great personality including their lovely coats, maturity, walking style, friendly behavior, loyalty & many more. Everyone knows about their lovely coats of hair. It has fluffy, curly, and low shedding coats and on there, they are looking so cuter. Labradoodles may have mixed characteristics of both the Poodle and Labrador Retriever parents. These are the different hair coats of Labradoodles which is also different from various breeds. Labradoodle puppy hair coat like their Poodle parent and a matured Labradoodle long hair is like that our Labrador Retriever parent.

Labradoodle hair coats & their types

Here in the below list find the available types of Labradoodle hair coats.

1. Hair-coated Labradoodle (straight)

Labradoodles look different from fleece-coated Labradoodles and Wool-coated Labradoodles. Hair Coated Labradoodle may have straight hair coats like their Labrador Retriever parent. The Puppy labradoodle may not have detected their coats like mature hair-coated Labradoodles during their own birthing period. After the Labradoodles reach 12 weeks (2 months) around your lifespan then the hairs coats will appear to see.
The specialty of the Labradoodle’s hairs coats are smooth and straight in their jaw area and they are very thick and lengthy. It can maintain very easily. They are F1 Labradoodle Category which is mixed and looks like 50% Poodle and 50% Labrador Retriever.


According to their hair coats, they can maintain easily.

Hair-coated Labradoodle is best suited to our masters and families because they don’t have allergies or health issues.

If they bathe on a weekly period so can remove their shedding hairs.

They are very friendly in nature as well as most families are preferred to Hairs coated Labradoodles.

2. Fleece Coated Labradoodle (Shaggy)

The fleece-coated Labradoodle is also known as ‘‘shaggy’’ Labradoodles and they look conventionally. They are most common to see within the breed. Fleece-coated Labradoodles are easy to maintain. They have soft, silky fleece coated and they have lenient wavy or loose tresses, and it’s really easy to manage. They have low shedding coats( mainly non- shedding coats) and have allergic health issues. Fleece-coated Labradoodles are soft and silky in touch and the curly on their Fleece coated should be slight. They are also the favorite of humans.
On their Puppies of Labradoodle, they don’t have visible curls on their fleece. After 12 to 16 months years around it can be visible on their fleece.
Fleece-coated Labradoodles may have Light and loose locks and wavy styling on their coats.


It has low shedding hair coats and is easy to nurture.

It requires a weekly brush and non or low-shedding coats.

They have no or slightly allergic health issues.

They may have friendly in nature and loyal.

3. Wool Coated Labradoodle (Curly)

Wool coated Labradoodle is referred name as ‘‘Curly’’. They are second which is most common to see within the breed. Their stiffness among hair coats is extremely. If they find any wool-coated Labradoodle which has very extremely curly hair coats, so then they are matched to their Poodle parent. For wool-coated Labradoodles, masters have faced problems to manage their coats because their coats are very curled and Fit tightly. It needs to be groomed at least once a day.
Wool Coated Labradoodle is very Soft in touch like that of a lamb. Their woolly coat density is thick. They have allergic health issues because of curlier hair. You have to see fleece on their puppies after 5 weeks(1 month) around.


Friendly or love to play with children.

They don’t have easy to maintain but they are non-shedding coats.

Do Labradoodles need haircuts?

The Labradoodle’s coats are not growing up to 4 to 6 inches in length. Labradoodles need a haircut after every 6 to 8 weeks for all of the coats. Even though hair coats don’t much more maintenance, you still remember to remove the hairs on the inside of the ears of Labradoodles. If you don’t do this may have a reason caused by infection and regular increase. May have maintained properly of Labradoodles groomed for its hygiene, and health. Labradoodles have hair grooming side by side we have to think cut their nails as well.
After they take grooming they feel very happy, feel free of extra bunches of hair coats, and lightly. Similarly, if you have groomed your Labradoodles at home so they may enjoy an extremely fresh and clean if just like something new. You have to make sure to buy a pet grooming brush and other equipment and also brush is used when your Labradoodles is until a puppies.

Labradoodle hair cut & grooming guide

There are five types of haircuts and grooming for Labradoodles that look on cuter and are liked by people. There is your one’s own opinion which looks you have selected for your Labradoodles Seven haircuts are like that:

1. Puppy cut

The first cut of Labradoodle is “Puppy Cut”. The puppy cut is most of the favorite haircuts of labradoodle and their masters. There is no specific mention of the age and what type kind of Labradoodles do this. On this haircut, cut the hair shorter on the body and longer on the head, it seems to look like a puppy. This haircut looks cuter as well as practical. It is so easiest haircut and you have also done this by yourself you have to need a perfectional barber to cut their Labradoodles’ hairs. Labradoodles also liked this haircut.

2. Teddy bear cut

The haircut is cutest for all of them and looks so good on Labradoodles and is equal to the puppy cut. The teddy bear haircut is a bit of some on faces and their legs. The haircut may need proper maintenance and brushing daily for the coats and will be as much longer as. This is a very common haircut and turn looks your Labradoodles much cuter and good one outlook of them.

3. Lion hair cut

The lion’s look is straightforward: on this the haircut on the “mane”( the long hair on the neck like a male lion). The haircut is exactly to their name: just like a lion. On this haircut cut all over body hairs so smaller and leftover the neck hairs long. It is may have popular and in demand among Labradoodle male masters. Some techniques and skills for these haircuts. It also needs proper maintenance and brushing day by day.

4. Short clip hair cut

This haircut is mostly required in summer. The haircuts provide the cooling down of our Labradoodles. On this haircut, cut the hair shorter by a minimum of 1-inch long all over the body. This haircut should be perfect for summer and the chilling down of your Labradoodles.

5. Long clip hair cut

The haircut mightly is similar to a short clip haircut but has some differences, like that it has cut a minimum of 2 inches long and its wavy and curly hair on them. With this haircut, your Labradoodle looks cute and fairy. The haircut required the right time-to-time grooming, maintenance, and cure. Then they like perfect after that.


In this article, we have discussed more details about the Grooming of Labradoodles and their guides. Now you have to know properly about the haircut Types of Labradoodles and what they need. Firstly we have discussed the types of hair coats of Labradoodles majorly they are three types are1. Hair coated 2. Fleece coated and 3. Wool coated. Also, we have discussed the types of haircuts. Some haircuts like are 1. Puppy hair cut 2. Short clip haircut 3. Long clip hair cut 4. Lion haircut and 5. Teddy bear haircut. The above Labradoodle grooming guide will help you to give a correct & cute look to your pet.

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