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How To Bathe A Golden Doodle: Ultimate Guide With Caring Tips

July 26, 2022
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As you all know the Golden Doodle is a mixed breed of Golden Retriever and the Poodle. They are fun-loving and the most lovable dog especially in the US. If anyone is a new owner of the dog or may going to welcome your new pet as a Golden doodle then you have to know about all in and out of the Golden doodle. However, these dogs need low maintenance but the half information may cost you more in comparison to other pets. You have to know how to take care of these dogs and what is their behavior. Especially when you take them for bathing or any grooming activity. Are they get irritated or get aggressive when you give them training or any exercise. But in their daily activity, the grooming of dogs is very necessary. Most of the time new dog owners think about how to bathe Goldendoodles. We know this is a little bit difficult for the new owner.
Basically, Golden Doodle is a designer dog and if you groom them frequently and give them bathing on daily basis, it helps to look them more attractive. It also helps to avoid any fungal disease because this breed bears the layer of coat on its body. So, here in this article, we’ll discuss some bathing and caring tips for your pet Golden doodle.

Key Points you should know Before taking Goldendoodle to bathe

As a new owner, you should know about all the behavior and nature of the Golden Doodle to be convenient while making them bathe. It helps to avoid unnecessary situations like mood swings or sudden aggressive behavior in your Golden Doodle that may tend to harm you. So, here are some points that you have to remember before taking them to bathe.

  • Before bathing, you should brush your Golden Doodle because they have layers of coat on their body and their tangled hair may create problems & get them irritated while bathing.
  • Invest in a good wire brush that has soft pins with rubber tips help to groom them easily. So, remove the debris easily while combing.
  • Never use cold water or hot water while making them bathe because their skin is too much sensitive and it may affect their health. So, use always lukewarm water.
  • Before getting them to bathe you should fondle your Golden Doodle to make feel convenient and associate with the tub.
  • They know when you are angry and when you are in a happy mood. Golden Doodle has a tendency to feel the mood of the humans so always talk to them in a calm voice.
  • Never use a shampoo that has the ingredients of a chemical. Because that kind of shampoo may react on their body and it tends to hair loss for your designer dog. So always buy sulfate-free shampoo.
  • Use only dog shampoo which is specially made for dogs while bathing them. Their shampoo should be rich in natural ingredients like vitamins which help your dog’s hair keep shining and silky.

What to do at the time of Goldendoodle bathing

When your golden doodle is ready to bathe then keep yourself calm to make them feel positive. Take your dog to the bathing area and make them familiar with that bath area so they never get afraid to go there. So you have to follow some tips at the time of bathing your dogs.

  • Remember that your dog’s hair is messy and tangled so always put the natural shampoo from neck to tail. Which helps to debris and makes the dog’s hair clean and shiny.
  • At the time of shampooing your dog, use a comb of soft pins so that all the knots of curled hairs are open.
  • Rinse properly throughout the body while bathing with shampoo so that you can remove all the spoors of the shampoo from the body.
  • Be attentive while bathing to avoid the shampoo getting in their eyes as well as ears. It may cause irritation to your dog and that tends to get them in an aggressive mood.

What to do after Goldendoodle bathing

  • After bathing your dog, use a dry towel that is soft and that soaked the water easily.
  • Never rub the towel hardly to soak the water on their wet hair, it tends for hair to fall and may also tangle after dry-up.
  • Always use a dog blow dryer which is certified because it helps to dry their hair easily. The dog blower is specially set their temperature according to the dog’s tendency of bearing the temperature.
  • The final and important thing after making them bathe is always to appreciate your Golden doodle so that they feel comfortable and praised. After getting special treatment after bathing your dog will be familiar with bathing.

Benefits Of Bathing Your Golden Doodle

There is not a hard and fast rule for how frequently you bathe your dog but make sure that your dog should be clean and dirt free. So, it is very important to bathe your Golden Doodle at a regular interval.

  • Bathing your dogs helps to remove dirt from their body and make them feel fresh.
  • It also removes the bad odors from their body which is good for people around them.
  • If you bathe your dog on regular basis then it helps them to reduce their shedding.
  • Frequent bathing helps to avoid allergies because Golden Doodle hair is the easy way to transfer the allergies to humans as well as dogs themselves. Their hair carries dirt and bacteria which tend to grow the chance of allergies.
  • It helps to monitor the health of the Golden Doodle. At the time of bathing your dog, you have a close look at your Golden Doodle like you brushing their teeth and while shampooing, you check their skin and ears. If you see any redness on their skin or anything abnormal then you can get them to a veterinary.
  • Last but not least, it helps to make a strong bond with your Golden Doodle. While bathing your Golden Doodle, you fondle and make soft touches on their head to help strengthen their bond with you.


Golden Doodle a designer dog needs some care while bathing because it has a curly coat on its body which also cover its eyes as well. More frequent you bathe your dog helps to make them healthier and freshen their moods. It also reduces the chance of getting caught the allergies to the owner and their family members including their children. So, always keep in mind that bathe your Golden Doodle to avoid spreading any unnecessary disease and allergies to keep them safe as well as healthy.

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