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Goldendoodle Registry

July 26, 2021
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Register your Goldendoodle with the American doodle registry. Its Easy! We are the Number 1 place to register your doodle dogs and pups. Create an account and sell your doodle pups> It’s free! We will help with account set up! You can do push notifications to all your other social media too. Join the American Doodle Registry today! Goldendoodles are a great pet for first time owners. They train easy and love to please their owners. They do have medium to high energy. Goldendoodles are great hunting dogs. 60 pounds is about the average weight but can be smaller or larger. You can shop on the American doodle registry for your next goldendoodle. F1 goldendoodles are 50/50 Golden Retriever and Standard Poodle the have straighter hair and do shed. F1B goldendoodles are Standard Poodles bread back to a goldendoodle. They have curlier hair and no shedding to very minimal.


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