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Goldendoodle Exercise Guide- Information Based on Age & Size

July 25, 2022
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Goldendoodles are a dog breed that produces with perfect character and lovely nature of Golden Retrievers with the brilliant and sensitivity-free coat of the Poodle into one great crossbreed dog. They are the ultimate blend of good looks, intelligent wits, and playfulness. The outcome of this breeding usually has the best of both breeds but is generally filled with a lot of energy. Goldendoodle is energetic from the day of birth this breed was very friendly and social nature for human beings. This bred to retain the lovable qualities of both of their parents and are known to be hypoallergenic. But do you know what really makes them fit & fine, yes the answer is daily exercise? If you want to learn how to make Golden doodles energetic, spend your 2 minutes reading this Goldendoodle exercise guide will help you a lot.

Goldendoodle wants the daily exercise to be energetic and active as they come from a highly-energized breed. They need all major day-to-day exercise you are likely wondering how you will strap all this energy and get them the exercise they require and look ahead to.

Why does Goldendoodle Need Daily Exercise?

You can’t miss a day as people may do with their personal exercise. Your Goldendoodle needs day-to-day exercise. A Goldendoodle is a very enthusiastic breed to keep them in better shape. These are the causes why you should exercise your Goldendoodle each day.

  • Decrease behavioral problems
  • Controls obesity
  • Boosts cardiovascular health
  • It Helps maintains muscles and helps control injury
  • Helps aid in good digestion
  • Delivers physical, mental, and social stimulation
  • Enhances mobility

Daily exercise can maintain your Goldendoodle healthy and happy for many years.

How much exercise my Goldendoodle does need?

Goldendoodles are very energetic and growing puppies will require daily exercise and play. Goldendoodle want exercise according to their size and age. Full-grown adult Goldendoodles need between 30-120 minutes of exercise, 1-2 times per day. Standard Goldendoodles will sink on the higher end of this range while toy and mini Goldendoodles won’t require rather as much physical exercise. If you keep a fenced-in backyard, it is very easy for your Goldendoodle to obtain the amount of exercise that they require as they can spend all the time that they want playing in their backyard.

Age & size factor for Goldendoodle exercise

All the Goldendoodle doesn’t have the same size. A standard Goldendoodle is approximately 45 to 50 pounds, whereas a mini Goldendoodle can be 10 to 15 pounds as an adult. It does not matter the size of your dog even though a mile is the same. A smaller dog will bear to take 2 to 3 times the number of steps as a larger dog. The thing you must assume is the age of your Goldendoodle. You should remember that when carrying your small Goldendoodle or even Goldendoodle puppy for a walk. They will not be able to walk as far or as long as you because they keep taking more steps than you do.

How many Exercises does Goldendoodle Puppy need?

As Goldendoodle Puppies, at least try to take them out for 15 to 30 minutes of exercise two or three times a day. Which makes them more energetic and active. The best time to play or exercise with them is when you take them out to the bathroom or can be a long walk a few times a day. According to your Goldendoodle ages, the kind of exercise time will change from playing catch and running in the park to a short easy walk around the block. Your Goldendoodles become very energetic and will require to be allowed out for exercise and play every day. Most experts will suggest about 5 minutes of exercise for every month of age twice a day.

Exercise time for Goldendoodles puppy

  • A 3 Months Old Goldendoodle would require about 15 minutes of exercise twice a day.
  • A 6 Months Old Goldendoodle would require about 30 minutes of exercise twice a day.
  • A 9 Months Old Goldendoodle would require about 45 minutes of exercise twice a day.

These exercises can affect issues with your Goldendoodle’s joints. Make try to guide them to keep all their feet on the floor when they are running and playing. If your dog love to jump, try to limit them from jumping on and off furniture, couches, beds, stairs, and other high surfaces. This repetitive high effect motion can cause lots of trouble and can damage their developing joints.

The instruction you need to follow during the Goldendoodle exercise

Goldendoodle puppies should dictate with care and love and also consider their exercise and for how long you do them. These are a few tips for perfect activities and not-perfect activities to do with your Goldendoodle Puppy.

Suitable Exercise For Your Goldendoodle Puppies

  • Walks around the block on a strap. Make sure that this is at a slow pleasing speed.
  • Playtime in the backyard with some toys. Let your Goldendoodle run and play while you are having joy with them. Sometimes they can get too enthusiastic. Try to keep them peaceful.
  • Play an entertaining game of fetch or tug of war. This is a great habit to get in some exercise with your Goldendoodle puppy

The exercise you need to avoid

  • Long runs and very energetic playtimes during the puppy phase may be too much for your Goldendoodle.
  • Long jogs or bike rides for any considerable length might be too much for a small puppy. Do not make your Goldendoodle try to hold up with you. go at their speed.
  • Climbing stairs, hills, or very long periods of harsh activity. During these activities, you will need to watch for cues that your Goldendoodle puppy is okay.
  • Let your dog dictate the passion and length of your exercise. Puppies are still growing and developing. Too much exercise can put pressure on their joints when they are a puppy.

How much Exercise Does Adult Goldendoodle Require?

An Adult Goldendoodle Doesn’t need as much exercise as a puppy required. Most adults can entertain themselves by playing with toys, or running near the backyard. Taking your adult Goldendoodle for a walk is a great exercise for your dog. Daily walks should not be the best form of exercise your Goldendoodle acquires. Just like people, your dog can grow bored very quickly with the same routine for all days.

Make sure that you took change up his exercise schedule now and fill it with some variety. Such as Playing games like fetch, hide-and-seek, Frisbee, and tug-of-war with your adult Goldendoodle are also a great way to give your dog a beneficial workout while keeping a lot of fun at the same time. Your adult Goldendoodle’s bones will be mature enough to go for a hike on a nature trail or consistent for a quick swim in the pool or lake. This will actually help alter their workout routine and liven something up.

Sign if Goldendoodle not getting enough exercise

If your Goldendoodle is not acquiring sufficient exercise, there are some symptoms that you can look for. These symptoms are:

Weight gain: Most Goldendoodles are happy in simply lying around the house and do not want outside playing. Most of these dogs can quickly become lazy if you let them. If you catch that your Goldendoodle has become lazier and is placing on a few extra pounds, they could benefit from some counted exercise time.

Out of Shape: If your Goldendoodles have a problem preserving up with you on a walk or they get tired very fast when recreating might be out of shape. It is always finest to take them to the expert to make sure that there are no medical problems causing this lack of energy. If not, your Goldendoodle may just be out of form. You can slowly increase the dose of exercise until they are held once again.

Extreme energy: Excessive parts of energy are a typical sign that your Goldendoodle requires more physical activity. Every dog has a specific energy level. Some dogs must do more exercise than others do in order to burn off that excess energy. When you let your Goldendoodle release to play, and they explode out the door and wildly run around the yard in constant laps, consider adding another walk or expanding the length of the walks that you take your Goldendoodle on. Also, consider adding another strong play session every day.

Detrimental Behavior: Detrimental behavior is another move in that your Goldendoodle is not gaining sufficient a workout per day. Because of the Golden Retriever in their breed, a Goldendoodle can begin to chew on things that are off-limits, mainly when they are bored or frustrated by additional stored-up energy. Improving your Goldendoodle’s daily exercise and providing them with chew toys, should quickly revise this behavior.


A Goldendoodle Breed is very active and enthusiastic. There are a few various things that you must consider as an owner of Goldendoodle. When taking your Goldendoodle out for playtime. They will require lots of exercise to maintain them out of hazards. While not all Goldendoodles are the same, you will assume that Goldendoodles have very active and need lots of playtimes.

Make sure to disclose them to multiple other activities and figure out which one they enjoy the most. Daily exercise will help maintain your Goldendoodle healthy and happy for many years. Here in this, Goldendoodle exercise guide we have mentioned all the information about exercises for Goldendoodle puppies & adult dogs. I hope the above information will help you to get a better understanding.

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