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Top 7 Best Sheepadoodle Rescue

September 12, 2022
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Adopting a rescue Sheepadoodle is a Wondering thing. If you want to adopt a Sheepadoodle, you may find the best Sheepadoodle Rescue & firstly you have to know about that. Sheepadoodle is a cross breed of the Old English Sheepdog & the Poodle. They are very faithful & families love them so much. The Sheepadoodle is friendly, loyal, smarter & sweet. They are also known as a least-low-shedding & happy-go-lucky. Being intelligent dogs, there is no need to put extra effort into their training. Sheepadoodle is a hybrid of non-aggressive dogs.

Sheepadoodle is hypoallergenic dogs, so they need proper exercise, diet & playing time. It’s clothing on long, soft, and wavy coats. Mostly their puppies are found in black, grey, tan, white, silver & any other combination. But now Sheepadoodle needs rescue because the majority of them are street dogs, are treated unfairly by families, require specialized care, and much more. So Some Sheepadoodle organizations are available that have to rescue them & taking care, rehome them, find adopters, or get loved Sheepadoodles. Here in this article, we have shared the best-picked information about the Sheepadoodle rescue organization with its features & mission.

List of the 7 Best Sheepadoodle Rescue

Find the list of the 7 best Sheepadoodle rescue organizations. Also, you can own this pet from the rescue department with an easy & hassle-free process.

1. Oodles of Doodles

Oodles of Doodles

Oodles of doodles is a rescue organization which is located in the state of New Jersey. This organization’s motive is to develop the promotion of trustworthy pet ownership. Oodles of doodles are only handled by volunteers, which means they don’t have a central faculty. Most of the centers are available in New Jersey, but their connection is also in other countries.

This organization may help all types of Doodles as well as Schnoodoodles and poo-mixes. Every Sheepadoodle is vaccinated and has proper medical care & monthly health check-up. Oodles of Doodles have a solid policy named No-kill-policy.

They finalize the price of adoption of Sheepadoodle according to their ages, size & health condition. Oodles of doodles are very diligent in securing a home for Sheepadoodles in their care. They have a very long & in-depth application process. The process of approving families to get ownership is visits to the owner’s house, a phone interview, or a reference check-up. They are only approved for these households which provide all of the facilities. They complete the ownership of any family after a 7 to 14 days trial period.

Address: New Jersey, United States of America



 2. Carolina Poodle Rescue

Carolina Poodle Rescue

Carolina Poodle Rescue is a non-profit organization passionate about the no-kill culture of pets. Their centers on over 150 animals at their Dreamweaver farm in the U.S in Carolina, New York, Texas, and Georgia among many more. They have to rehome over 5000 dogs. The adoption fee is unique and varies from one dog to another. They were not rehomed, only SheepaDoodle and pure-bred poodles & poodle mix also. Some activities approved for adoption are monthly meet-up events launched in North Carolina.

All the dogs are vaccinated regular medical check-ups, grooming, and proper reception. Carolina Poodles have authorized Out-of-the-state adoptions also but you have to visit their place of Dreamweaver farm, opened by appointment only. They don’t permit the adoption of those families which have children under five years old. One more need is that the Carolina Poodle rescue foundation is surrounded and fenced in your yard for Poodles and all breeds.

If you want to adopt a Sheepadoodle & you have a pet already, they need a pet to be spayed or neutered first.  Some Standard Poodles are athletes & hunting animals, so that is why they need a big size of ground for planning & doing other activities.

Address: South California


Website:   Carolina Poodle Rescue

3. Doodle Rock Rescue

doodle rock rescue

Doodle Rock Rescue located in Dallas since 2017 & overall run by volunteers. This is a non-profit organization. We the working on hybrids involving Sheepadoodles, Labradoodles & Goldendoodles. They rescue a doodle breed of dog who was in kill shelters, homeless, poor in situations & mostly found in abused and neglected places. They focused on preferring shelters in the South Texas area. Doodle Rock Rescue found new homes for 900 dogs. They don’t adopt 300 miles outside of Dallas.

They also have an adoption process. The organization holds some time to see the background of the families. The Rescue organization dealing with any shelter in the U.S. requires a 2 weeks trial period and after that, they hand over the Sheepadoodle breeds to the families. Their adoption fees are around $150 to $650 according to the Sheepadoodle breed, age, health condition, etc. if they find the Sheepadoodles is not in Good Condition so, They returned the all of foster program deals. Doodle Rock Rescue answered very politely, you should contact them anytime you.

Address: Dallas, Texas



4. Poodle Rescue of Houston

Poodle Rescue of Houston

This long-established Sheepadoodles Rescue in Texas in the 1990s. 50 Poodles and their crosses were under their care at the time. Poodle Rescue of Houston rescue, readapt the distressed Doodles & Poodles mixes like Sheepadodle or Honorary poodles. This is based on a Five- state area of over 20 years. They find permanent families which want to adopt of Dogs breeds. Firstly they rescued those who were getting lost. They overcame these Sheepadoodles who were rejected & needed special care.

Poodle Rescue of Houston selected in Northern Houston accepted a big amount of indoor and outdoor kennels & more space which fulfilled all the needs of Sheepadoodles. They have 4 quarantine buildings. Their adoption process is out-of-state on a case-by-case basis. one kind of adoption is to ensure you have practical plans.

The adoption fees are according to their sizes, and ages & the maximum fee is $610. Some Senior dogs & special needs dogs’ adoption fee is usually less. But not all of the Sheepadoodle because adoption fees also decide their strengths. They have provided their facilities & have their animal specialist Clinic. Treatments provide like neutering surgery, Grooming & heartworm.

Address: 13303 Schroeder., Houston, TX 77070



Telephone: 713-504-1224

5. Poodle Rescue Of New England

Poodle Rescue Of New England

Poodle Rescue of New England is a volunteer-run group that works to reintegrate and return poodles to their original homes. They open their doors for poodles and Poodles mixes involving Sheepadoodles. Poodle Rescue of New England hasn’t a shelter or any headquarters. They rescue the Sheepadoodles through their network of foster homes scattered across New England.

Poodle Rescue of New England is Rescuing the Sheepadoodles who are discriminating against families. The Rescue organization goes to rehome them. They have 3 types of Sheepadoodles:

1. Toy size ( which is under 10 pounds)

2. Mini size( between 10 to 25 pounds)

3. Standard size( between 40 to 60)

Their Old English Sheepadoodle standard size is alternate depending on their Poodle parent.  These are some requirements for adopting a Rescued Sheepadoodle: no bark collars and no technological barriers; families have to have the safest area. They do not allow adoptions of Sheepadoodles on those families who have children (under 10 years old).

If you want to adopt a Sheepadoodle from Poodle Rescue of New England, you must first make sure that you will take good care of the dog. Sheepadoodles required Canines- grooming, heartworm test, Spayed or neutered & Proper Vaccinated. The adoption fee is depending on the dog’s age & needs, in the range of price is $300 to $800, and $10 the application fee is must applicable.

Address: Somerville, MA



Telephone: 617-628-1425

6. Doodle Dandy Rescue

Doodle Dandy Rescue

Doodle dandy Rescue is an organization which is located in Texas. There are 500 volunteers who work for the organization. Many Dogs are also getting benefits from theirs. Whenever they find Dog’s loving home, so they can hand over the dog.

Mainly they focused on the general Doodle breed and help the doodle breed who is in need. They are covering the shelters in the whole country & dealing with them.

Their Focused is only to get the shelter dogs. Essentially located in Dallas, & they don’t have any network in other countries across Texas.

They care for the dogs by doing regular check-ups. If they are finding a potential adopter who wants to adopt a Sheepadoodle & breeds of dogs. This came across at various times, which means adding your name on a waiting list of Sheepadoolde because they always haven’t Sheepadoodle availability. If you want to adopt the Sheepadoodle and any other breed of dog so you can contact them, They can guide you through the adoption process.

Eventually, this organization aims to link up the dog with happy families who want to adopt the Sheepadoodle and any other dog breed. They will let you know properly first & after that, they will hand it over. The Organisation has some fees but they all are fees turned on caring for the dogs because this organization can run as a non-profit.

Address: Dallas, Texas



7. IDOG Rescue Inc

IDOG Rescue Inc

IDOG Rescue Inc is handling the rescuing of any breeds of dogs, including Sheepadoodle as well as. The Organisation started in 2006. This is based in Houston, Texas. They helped these dogs who needs their support.

They dealing a large number of different enriched situations across the whole of the state. IDOG Rescue Inc is creating a substantial network after inception & finding the need for that. Their motives are to find out the best position for the dogs who needs more. The organization is continuously upgrading its networks to reach the other rescue organization.

When they find a needed dog, they can update their websites to show all of the details of a dog on the website adopters are up-to-date on them. Applying any adopter, so can prepare you for this & finding all of the information about the adopter family.

They purely ensure that the dog gets into a perfect family. That their record to no one dog comes back of the organization. Although the IDOG Rescue Inc. organization presents itself as a non-profit and charges an adoption fee, all funds go toward caring for the dogs.

Address: Houston, Texas




In this article, we have discussed the Best 7 Sheepadoodle Rescue organizations. These organizations may help Dogs who really won’t need special take care, Discriminate adopters & rehomed. The 7 best Sheepadoodle organization names are 1. Oodles of Doodles, 2. Carolina Poodle Rescue, 3. Doodle Rock Rescue, 4. Poodle Rescue of Houston, 5. Poodle Rescue Of New England, 6. Doodle Dandy Rescue & 7. IDOG Rescue Inc. Each of these organizations has a separate adoption procedure and charge structure. In this article, I am providing you with all the details about the organizations. If you want to adopt and you love dogs, or if you want to rescue a Sheepadoodle or any other breed of dog, you should first read this post.

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