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Why Advertise with the American Doodle Registry

March 7, 2022
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Why Advertise with the American Doodle Register? For Starters it is Free!!

What can you do with your American Doodle Registry Account? You can upload your puppies’ listings. You can write articles that will post to the blog as much as you want. You can do push notification to all your social media. That means you only long into the American Doodle Registry to post to all your social media. The Blog will work for SEO on your account. You can write a detailed description on your puppies for sale. You can do video banners or pictures banners. Plus, much more. Please call and ask for your account set up and a 5-minute training to use your account.

Is there a custom service number to talk to a person? Call Lisa 214-474-0017 Yes, you can talk to a human for help.

How do we register a litter? Its easy. Go to the litter registry page and put in the information. The papers to give your customers will go to your email. No wait time.

How does the American Doodle Register make money? We make money by your customers registry their dogs or you are registering your dogs for $35.  So, please give back to us for a free account. It is very much appreciated.

Do you need help writing blogs for your account? We have a SEO staff member that will write 1000-word articles for $25.

We use are customers on our website business services for our resource center.

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